Create a plan

Write down all the things you would like to do.

People, which you dream about working with or organizations, which you can support. Write down all the plans even those crazy or these you consider as unreal.

Don’t cut back your ideas to certain areas – they can be professional, private, connected with development or whatever what’s coming to your mind. Don’t be afraid if your plans are good or bad – during the next you’re going to space for their selection.

Additional visions generation

You can take use of these options, to increase the number of your ideas. Mostly, we have a couple of them in our minds and it’s difficult to think outside of box.

  1. Imagine, that the vision or plan, which you liked the most, disappears. What would you choose despite them
  2. What would you do if money didn’t exist?
  3. Are you able to split or connect some of the plans which you’ve written?

If you need to know yourself more.

know yourself

If you need to explore possibilities of development and creating.

explore world’s opportunities


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