Create a plan framework

Take use of our planning framework and create an action plan.

What would I like to do?

From all the plans which you’ve written down, you can decide what would you like to start doing, analyzing it from different perspectives:

  1. investment – is it going to help you develop important skills, knowledge and grow your network, to increase your future possibilities and get closer to your dream vision?
  2. impact – is this thing going to have a positive impact on the world?
  3. satisfaction – how satisfied are you going to be by doing this thing?
  4. personal matching – what’s the possibility, that you’re going to achieve your goal? does it fit your life – considering amount of time you have and your current schedule?

Why is this important to me?

It’s good to be aware of your own motivations. We often take over dreams of our family members or people with who we get on well. We might also adopt wrong strategies by not having defined our true needs.

Who can help me do it?

Both mentors and people interested in similar things can help you increase your motivation and give support in difficult moments.

When am I going to do it?

Defining specific time schedule is important, not to stay in the dreaming zone, but to take action in real life.

Plan your further steps

It’s easier to realize well – defined and concrete goals. Look if it won’t be easier for you to break your plans down into smaller steps, and then refine what, when and how you’re going to achieve them.


If you need to know yourself more.

know yourself

If you need to explore possibilities of development and creating.

explore world’s opportunities


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