Find your mission

Find the events, which were the most emotional during your life. It can be a beginning of new project, moving out of house or your parents’ divorce. You have many experiences, lessons which you’ve learned and values which driven you to do things. Find these stories, which make you who you are.

If you’re having troubles in finding the story, these questions may help you:

  1. What did you achieve, which you’re really proud of?
  2. Did you help somebody then? Did you felt, that doing it did have it’s sense?
  3. Did something specific happen, which changed the way you see the world and your role in it?

After you find your stories, analyze each of them. You can tell yourself – what made this event so special for you? How did it influence you as a person? Why from every stories which you could’ve chose, you chose this particular one?

See, if you can find things, which you give to others and which you receive from them in these stories. Discover what impact do they have on you and others. Also – finding the person, who supports you and listens to you during this process can help you discover your motives and priorities. Your partner can see all these things from another perspective, which you haven’t yet seen.

Activities, which are connected to our personal mission, give the biggest amount of energy and help us feel fulfilled. Try to stay open for yourself and enough empathic, to find it.

It can be defined for example as: to help others in their self-development so that everyone will realize their specific potential for the good of all.

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