OFF school

we are a group of creators of the new world. we change the approach to education. with us you can explore the world from scratch.

kacper lemiesz

professional eternal student

i connect people and ideas. design educational experiences, co-create learning organisations. i dropped out of university 3 times, and am one of the youngest lecturers in Poland.


martyna gulczynska

worlds designer


i submitted papers to my own university.  co-create projects, work in organisations. i dare to think, speak for myself. i do only thinks that are important for me. working with ideas is my addiction, so as engineering solutions. i hope to make impossible to the end of the world.



jvlia swiech

internet girl


i dropped out of school to design my education. i translate internet, make social media, design websites. i am active in a startup environment. i co-create events, films, make graphics, sessions and help people make change by doing.





We are gathering a foundation of young enterprising people who want to realize their dreams, develop interpersonally, learn cooperation and effective communication. Together we work out the initiative, to establish relationships and we make the ideas generated pass from the idea phase to the implementation phase. During the project held workshops, training sessions, during which time we debate topics and projects proposed by young people, leading them to effectively implement market.


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Our team

Agnieszka Święch

Co-founder of the foundation off school, tutor and promoter of alternative education. It describes the modern world and the people trying to go beyond clichés ( author programs and workshops for youth development. Constantly goes beyond the clichés, instinctively trusting people with passion. Ambassador of the project Paidagogos Pro at the Jagiellonian University, whose aim is cooperation between the university and the socio-economic environment.

Grzegorz Święch

An experienced entrepreneur and manager. In the past, among other things, co Eurobank managed investment fund and Europe’s largest network of business incubators (AIP), introduced the first accelerator program in Poland, based on the model created a seed investment in Silicon Valley – AIP Seed Capital. Active actively helps young people realize their projects. New co-motivations – one of the biggest Polish training companies. Co-founder of the Foundation off school.

Magdalena Goszczyńska

A graduate of the translations of the Westminster University (London) and the post-production in film school AMA. For 10 years she ran bewitch Productions company engaged in film production, advertising, public relations for commercial, institutional and cities. From 2007 to 2008 producer (and director of individual episodes) weekly TV program Welcome to Krakow. Director and producer of television programs, documentaries and promotional films and image. Producer and co-organizer of film shoots Sławomir Idziak – Film Spring Open. In 2016 a spokesman for the Foundation Film Spring Open. Polish organizer of the arrival of Natalie Portman (2015) and Juliette Binoche (2016).

Dariusz Żuk

President and co-founder of Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship, Business Links and AIP Seed Capital, Entrepreneurial Polish president, founder of the BCC Student Forum and Minister of entrepreneurship in economic Shadow Cabinet BCC. His work was recognized in 2013, when he received the Gold Cross of Merit for outstanding contribution to the development of Polish entrepreneurship from the President of the Republic of Poland.

Alternative University

The mission of The Alternative University, is to change Romanian education through autonomy and collaboration.

This means that each student self-directs their own education and develops communities of practice based on common values and passions.


Also, we cultivate a space where each member feels empowered, trusted and free to contribute to the organization’s mission. This leads us to currently have an executional team formed entirely by former students at this University.


Roxana Grosu – student at Syncer School for 3 years, now manages the community of practice about the future of work and freedom-centered organizations, while taking care of our external partnerships.

Corina Angelescu – is a trainer and learning designer in the community of education, leading the self-directed learning program of the organization and has a strong passion for social impact.

Daniel Amariei – explored his interests for entrepreneurship and design as a student, so that now to take care of the Business Incubator and the strategic direction of the organization.

Roxana Bira – developed her interest for marketing as a need to help more projects get known, like the Alternative University, for which she gives it voice and look.

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