Build your own university and let the world become your campus. Check our Gap Year program, join the community, which takes education in their own hands.

there are no more age differences and the opportunities the world has to offer are increasing 15 year old can now build a 1 mln dollar startup


we became more connected than we’ve ever been in a fraction of second we can now help a human being on the other side of the world

artificial intelligence is taking over the job market we’re entering times, when creativity and innovation are priceless


knowledge is at one’s fingertips everybody is now able to have access to the most actual information sources

we are creating

we began to create new model of development and creation.

we want to build space which is full of freedom, where one has an opportunity to become a critical thinker. space, where every most radical and brave idea can be born, grow and see the daily light.

the Gap Year program is a proposal for people who have completed a specific stage of education and are not sure what decisions they should take towards further education – what university to choose, what field of study and if they should choose a formal education path at all or are they ready to take up professional work and further self-education? During the participation in the gap year program for youth, it is possible to generate many ideas for your professional development through contact with mentors, participation in internships, or courses available to a wide range of online platforms. The program offers by gathering in one place many proposals for people who hesitate in choosing the shape of their further education – the opportunity to try their talents, the chance to “check yourself” in a real project.

we think about how many opportunities our world of connectionctions has to offer.

universities are no longer the only place where we can get knowledge. we’d like to use this fact as a possibility to create amazing things and develop ourselves now, and in every moment of life.

we’ve created a couple possibilities to design your own curriculum. choose the one, which suits you and your actuals needs at the moment.

Create a plan

Get inspired by the development framework and use the support of the community, to realise your plans.

I want to create a plan

Know yourself

Connect with yourself and become more aware of the things which you’d like to do or the areas you’d like to explore.

I want to know myself

Explore world’s opportunities

Question the things which you already know about the world and check which of it’s opportunities you’d like to make a use of.

World's opportunities

If you want to join us
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